Swedish massageSwedish massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, unlike all the Eastern massage techniques. The term Swedish massage is particularly common in Dutch and English speaking countries, in other countries is mostly referred to as classical massage. The term Swedish massage is derived the mistaken assumption that the Swedish gymnastics teacher Pehr Henrik Ling is the founder of this massage technique, it appears that it was a Dutch person who first introduced the words to describe the various techniques used with this type of massage.
During a Swedish massage, the techniques mostly used are effleurage (stroking movement), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (short strikes) and friction. The massage therapist uses massage oil during a Swedish massage in order to reduce the resistance of the skin. During a Swedish massage, the body is completely covered with towels and the only part exposed is the part on which the massage therapist is working on.
Logos massageA Swedish massage is a good way to provide relaxation and after the treatment you will be completely relaxed and yet not tired, which can sometimes be the case after a Thai massage. It’s also a good way to release tension in the muscles and solve blockages in the body. In addition, Swedish massage stimulates blood flow, causes increased oxygen levels in the blood, helps the body in disposing built up toxins, improves flexibility and it reduces stress (physical and mental).
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