The word ‘superfoods’ made a big leap forward in recent years under the influence of marketing. In the beginning superfoods were only available in health stores, but now they have even made their way onto the shelves of the common supermarket, a good indicator for the success of the superfoods. The word 'superfood' is not in any way protected by law and therefore practically all foods can be labelled as superfood.
There doesn’t exist one superfood that can ensure your good health by itself. Here a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is really needed. When you start eating the superfoods that you can find in the menu, their incorporation into your diet will be a major step towards a healthier life. You can click on each picture for more information.
Black & green kardemomOften times the combinations of different spices and other ingredients is it what make a meal extra healthy. These healthy combinations can be found in ancient recipes from all over the world. A good example of such a favourable combination is the Arabic coffee called ‘Gahwa’. This is coffee mixed with the spice cardamom. You might know the spice cardamom as an ingredient of gingerbread, but 80% of the cardamom world production goes to Arab countries for use in their coffee.
Coffee beans drying in the sun in Guatemala.The caffeine in coffee when consumed makes for an increased excretion of the minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium through the urine. The cardamom, which the Arabs mix with the coffee, counteracts this undesirable effect. A little freshly ground cardamom with the ground coffee in the coffee filter already ensures that you will preserve these beneficial minerals for your body.
Another good example of these favourable combinations is the combination of turmeric with cabbage or any other vegetable from the Brassicaceae family. This combination gives protection against the development and spreading of prostate cancer. One reason why among men in India prostate cancer rarely occurs is that they eat way more turmeric in combination with cabbage in India than in the West. Often in a curry which also includes onions, pepper and a little bit of fat, all of which improves the beneficial effect.

Superfoods, Health food, all names for basically the same thing:
High quality organic plant food