Some books I’ve read on nutrition and I can recommend:
Harold McGee, On food and cooking
ISBN 978-90-468-1393-5
This book tells you, as the title suggests everything about food and cooking. Everything gets explained in a scientific way. It for example explains what happens on a chemical level in the pan when frying something. It’s an encyclopaedic book on nutrition that I use regularly as a reference guide.
Karl Weber (editor) – Food Inc.
ISBN 978-1-58648-694-5
This book contains a collection of essays that all deal with the subject of nutrition. The book was inspired by the movie documentary with the same name, which I can also recommend, certainly for those who are not such fervent readers. The book brings to light some very disconcerting facts of the American food industry.
Marion Nestle – What to eat
ISBN 978-0-86547-738-4
This book is as the title suggests, a guide to what to eat. In the book Marion Nestle explains how you can make wise choices for yourself and your family at the grocery store. Among other thing explained is how you must read and understand the food labels on all products in the supermarket.
Michael Pollan – In defense of food
ISBN 978-0-14-311496-3
A manifesto for making conscious choices concerning your meals, the choices that will keep you healthy. Michael Pollans advice boils down to seven words: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
Michael Pollan – Food rules
ISBN 978-0-14-311638-7
A handy little booklet with 64 tips that will help you getting a healthier diet.