Changing your diet is probably the easiest way to influence the state of your body. After all, a car doesn't run properly with the wrong fuel. When you change your diet in a positive way you physical fitness will improve.
Street market in ThailandIf you include the superfoods, herbs and spices that you find on these pages in your daily diet you've already made a good start in improving your health. A balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients is another condition to improve your health. For help with achieving a balanced diet, you take a look at the page 'What I offer' to see if I can be of your assistance.
In the 'Superfoods' menu you'll find all kinds of regular natural foods that are all beneficial for your health.
The use of herbs and spices can also greatly benefit your health, they are a good source of all kind of substances that are beneficial for your health. The substances that give the taste to the spices are often the same substances that are so beneficial for your health. In the menu 'Herbs & Spices' you'll find some commonly used herbs and spices with their healthy properties.
In the menu 'Articles' you can read a number of articles on nutrition in general, there are for example articles on vegetarian nutrition, Ayurveda and how you can make a delicious and healthy herbal tea.