SpicesHerbs and spices were the first medicines used by humans. Even many of today's Western medicines find their origin in herbal medicine. It should come as no surprise that by adding herbs and spices to your meals you provide yourself with all the health promoting properties of these herbs and spices.
Cooking with herbs can be seen as a discovering journey, keep it simple in the beginning and get known with the different flavors. There are also many ready-made spice blends available that give your dishes an exotic flavor, such as the Indian Garam masala or the Moroccan Ras el Hanout.
Herbs & SpicesMaking a herbal tea is another easy way to benefit from the healthy properties from the herbs and spices. Click here to read how to make a delicious herbal tea.
In the menu you'll find some commonly used herbs and spices with their health benefits. You can click on each picture for more information.