Because I am staying abroad for most of the year the easiest way to reach me is through Facebook or e-mail.

When you want a personal nutritional analysis, please send a completely as possible filled in food diary with your contact details to the following e-mail address:
     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Any other questions concerning nutrition you can always ask me through email or Facebook.
If you want to stay informed on any updates on this website, you can sign up for the newsletter or become 'friends' with me on Facebook. Do not forget to also 'follow' my Facebook page 'Gezond eten met Ed' to stay informed. Thanks in advance.
When you are interested in getting a massage, please send me a message so that we might be able to schedule an appointment. On the page 'Where I am' you can see where we are currently. If we're planning to come to Netherlands, I will let you know in time when, through the newsletter or Facebook.
If you are satisfied with the help I offer and want to help me with the incurred costs it's off course very much appreciated if you'll make a donation. You can make your donation on the following account.
NL56 RABO 0113 119 186
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