Barefoot in the grass


Walking barefoot can be very beneficial for your health. The idea is simple, by walking barefoot you make contact with the electric field of the earth and your body absorbs the negatively charged electrons from the surface. These electrons have numerous health benefits for your body.
Our modern lifestyle has increasingly deprived us from this energy. Most people wear shoes made of insulating rubber or plastic that blocks the flow of energy. And we don’t sleep on the ground any more as we used to do and when we go camping, we use sleeping bags made of insulating materials.
The ancient Chinese medicine system, the Indian Ayurvedic system and the reflexology massage arising from these systems all emphasize the health benefits of walking barefoot. By walking barefoot you stimulate the reflex zones under the feet which you also stimulate during a reflexology massage, and therefore the whole body gets stimulated.
If you walk barefoot, you’ll get a more natural gait. When you walk barefoot regularly you tend to land first with the front or middle of your foot instead of on the heel, and therefore there is less impact on the heel. This reduces stress on the ankles and knees. People and children who walk barefoot regularly are also less likely to suffer from flat feet or corns.
The negatively charged electrons you absorb by grounding with the earth ensure that your red blood cells flow better and not clump together. Red blood cells are negatively charged so that they repel each other and this negative charge is improved so that the blood gets diluted in a natural way, without blood thinners.
These electrons also have an anti-inflammatory effect. The negatively charged electrons are the counterpart op the positively charged free radicals, which are the reason of oxidation in the body. The negatively charged electrons offer protection against these free radicals that would otherwise damage healthy tissue, leading to chronic inflammations.
The benefits of grounding by walking barefoot are plenty. It’s an easy and cheap way to promote your health. But the main reason to walk barefoot is off course because it’s pleasant. When barefoot you feel all the textures and temperatures of the ground and it’s a liberating feeling to not have to pack your feet every time you go outside. Below are some benefits of walking barefoot listed:
  • Walking barefoot causes the entire body to get stimulated through the reflex points on the feet
  • Walking barefoot causes less wear and tear for your joints.
  • Walking barefoot leads to fewer problems with your feet as flat feet or corns.
  • Walking barefoot has a blood thinning effect.
  • Walking barefoot provides protection against oxidative damage.
  • Walking barefoot has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Walking barefoot is a good way to practice mindfulness.
  • Walking barefoot helps with many inflammation related diseases.
  • Walking barefoot gives you energy.
  • Walking barefoot has a normalizing effect on the hormone cortisol and thus helps to reduce stress.
  • Walking barefoot has a normalizing effect on the hormone melatonin, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep.
  • Walking barefoot relieves headaches.
  • Walking barefoot provides protection against potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields.
  • Walking barefoot is just pleasant.
Exodus 3:5
Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.